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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Volunteering in Dunlora

I'm a firm believer in community service.  I served on the Condominium Owner's Association ("COA") Board of Directors in my former neighborhood, and now I'm doing so here as well.  I started out joining the  Architectural Review Board (ARB") when we moved here, as I saw an announcement in the newsletter stating that there was a vacancy...There are actually 2 vacancies.

This was a way for me to meet people and learn not just from the documents, but also from the folks who live here.  I've worked construction (on the administrative side, not actually out doing the hard stuff) for many years prior to my foray into the financial worlds of the secondary mortgage market...but I digress.  This is an awesome Board.  The Chair and the other Director are really nice.

I was asked to run for a position on the Board of Directors of the Home Owner's Association ("HOA") in the summer of 2011.  I sent my biography to the nominating committee and this was published in the newsletter as well.  I then had to speak in front of the homeowners at the Annual Meeting in October.  I was duly elected and am enjoying the fruits and foibles of said service.  There are disgruntled folks in all neighborhoods and I'm learning that Dunlora has these as well...but for the most part, these are the 1% and while their voices are heard most often, out of more than 300 homes in this neighborhood, when there's really only 10 that complain the most...that's not too bad.  Not anything I haven't seen before.

I have also recently taken over as editor of the newsletter.  I'm really looking forward to this the most.  This is an opportunity to really get the news to the homeowners within the community.  Those that rent should also have access to this information as well, and we do have a few renters, although specifically the percentage of homes that are rented within Dunlora, I don't have those statistics.

Dunlora offers all sorts of amenities.  I've spoken about the clubhouse pool, the playground, the gym (small but efficient) within the clubhouse, and the trails within the community.  I know that I mentioned the trails.  There are specific points of entrance and exit, but some folks still continue to walk through my yard...Guess it's time to start cleaning the guns again.  Just kidding...or am I????  Waaa Haaa Haaaa.

Anyways - let me also point out some benefits of sharing information.  If you are new to Charlottesville - there is the Greater Charlottesville Newcomers.  This is a wonderful group of people.  They are moving to an online newsletter to make things easier for them.  You can call and leave a message on their message board and you get hooked up.  They have all sorts of activities.  I am a member, but am not active.  Although I'd like to be.  They play bridge (even for those of us who don't have a clue, you can learn!), there are monthly socials and dinners, trips to interesting places nearby, lectures on money and how to save or manage it, also tennis groups, golf groups...too numerous to mention them all.  Check them out...

I love my neighborhood and I adore Charlottesville.  I'm so happy we moved here.

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