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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Serving your community through volunteering

So...I was recently accused of  trying to turn our neighborhood into "Myville"...Really?  I volunteer, it is what I enjoy doing.  I believe in giving back, and it is a really terrific way to meet new people, especially your neighbors.  The one downside of serving on any HOA, however, is that you see some of the ugliness in your neighbors.

We have lots of deer in our neighborhood.  I mean lots.  Most of this is due to the large wooded areas throughout the common areas, as well as our belief to keep the land as natural as possible.  I don't believe that this is in the actual documents of the HOA or Architectural Review Board ("ARB") but it seems to the be the status quo.  Nevertheless, deer seem to be a main topic among homeowners.  One reason is they like really beautiful plants -- to eat.  You know those gorgeous hydrangea?  Buffet dinner to deer.  What about tea roses - ditto.  They like some azaleas, most tulips and all kinds of other really gorgeous plants.

People like me choose to plant relatively "deer resistant" plants rather than encourage them to visit for a feast...but when deer are hungry, I found some of my geraniums recently munched upon.  Prior to our moving to Dunlora, there was a movement among a minority of residents who wanted to hunt deer within the community.  Now, while I enjoy venison, I don't want someone hunting on my property or anywhere near my property.  If I don't get shot (I have terrible luck, and would probably be the one on the phone with an arrow or bullet in my shoulder calling 911 - it is just the way my universe treats me), then it could be my child.  Or some young group of hikers gets shot.  All because of too many deer.

Now, I am not exactly a tree hugger, but I do respect Mother Earth and Nature in general.  When this land was developed, it was woods.  The deer were here first.  In fact, it is us living in their space.  So, when  the new Board was voted in, this was due to the fact that were not supportive of the "hunting in one's backyard" philosophy.  Now, it seems, the pro-hunters are gearing up for a come back.  This is NOT a good thing.  It is too dangerous.  I like to meditate in  my woods in my back yard...what happens if some hunter thinks I'm a deer?  I get shot.  What about my dog?  She is fawn colored and looks like a small deer...if someone shot her, I'd be out for blood.

So - it is important to know that this is going on.  It is also important to understand that this is not a feasible manner in which to discourage deer from hanging out in your yard.  Put up a fence, or like me, plant things that they don't like to eat.  You can also use that horribly smelly stuff that people put all over their seems to work, just make sure you don't stand down wind when your neighbor is applying can linger in the nostrils...for days.

You can also encourage  your human males to simply pee in your yard marking your works in the wild with animals?  Perhaps it will work for us humans as well...who knows.  I'll know you're reading this if I see you outside peeing in your yard.  Heh!

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